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classified ads FAQ

If you don’t have an account with us, you’ll need one to post an ad. Register an account, then click on ‘Post FREE Ad’ to start. We have some rules for posting ads on the site. Some are for all ads, others depending on the type of ad you want to post. Try to have a quick read through them, to avoid us having to contact you to change something.

The Important things you’ll have to choose are the category you want your ad to go in, and the title you’re going to post under. District and location will be taken from your Login details, or you can edit while posting ad.These are vital steps, and based on these your ad will be displayed to potential buyers. It’s important to choose the category well because you’ll get more exposure. No one will look for a Hatchback in the Sedan section. There’s a category for everything, but if you can’t find it, try looking for similar items on the site to get an idea of where other people have posted theirs or write to us from contact us page. Location is equally as important. Because we are a local classifieds site, people look for local buys. They want to view the item and pay in person. Posting in your location, as a seller, means that people can come look at the item, and most times this gets you a quicker sale.

You’ll be able to write up an attractive title and description for your ad. You can add photos to help your ad stand out on the listings.You’ll need to put a price on the ad as well. Give people the actual price. It’s annoying when you ask someone about the price, and they give you a different one to what was actually written on the ad.
Most of the ads on CarKambolam are free, and the price will depend on whether you choose to feature your ad or not. We do not charge for ads posted in Cars, Accessories and Parts though.

We will update the details in website when there is a change in cost of any of our service, which will only be applied for services thereafter.
In our Policy, there is an option to inform us if you are not interested in any email notification from us about our products and services.
We offer to keep your ad free in our website for a period of minimum 3 months. We reserve the right to delete or inform you to update the advertisement after 3 months of posting any ad in
In the Personal Login page there is an option to manage your advertisements, where you delete the advertisement. Request you to delete the advertisement once it is sold to avoid further enquiries and help to keep our database relevant.
For the Time being, we deal with Used cars, New and Used Car Accessories & Parts. We also act as a Platform to List Used Car Dealers and Car Service centers across Kerala.
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