Maruthi Gypsy King 413 Wide Recommended
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413 Wide King
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What is your opinion about this car?

 Perfect for offroading and also classic aesthetics . A drive for any jeep lover . the power generated with the 1.3 litre mpfi engine is good enough for any Indian terrain. 

What is good about this car?

 The looks is the best feature of this youngster's dream. I have been using the 413 W king for over an year now with few off road trips . and this really is a head truner when it comes to presence on road . handling is smooth even without a PS , but swift on any curves .

What are the disadvantages?

Only perceived disadvantage is the mileage , but with my use for over an year, I would frankly deny this as it gives a decent 13 kml mileage on road in two wheel drive . offroading with four wheel engaged will give approximate 9 to 10 kmpl which is decent when compared to the experience.

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