Maruthi swift torque blue 2012 model Recommended
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It's value for money 


What is the opinion of your friends / family / neighbours?

Best in its segment 


Would you recommend this car and why?

Obviously I would recommend this car for its driving comfort, style,  power and mileage. 


What was your experience at dealership?

 Indus dealership was very satisfactory. 

How is your Driving experience?

 It's very sporty and accurate around the edges..  

Your words on fuel economy & Maintenance cost?

 The petrol variant is giving an average of 14 kmpl in the cities and 18 in the highways... 

The maintenance is very less.  U enjoy each ride ease. 

Have you had any problems with the car?

 I never had a problem with the car for 4 years of My ride. 

What was your experience while servicing the car?

The indus provides me pickup and drop off services.  They are very reasonable in charges and ensures a satisfactory service. 


Favourite gadget, option or accessory?

 Hid lamps,  15 inch alloy wheels,  wind shield etc make an impressive look... 

What are disadvantages?

 The back seaters will tire of a bit during a long journey.  They could have improved a bit.

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