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What is your opinion about this car?

 A descent family car. 6 years and 1,00,000 KM, with no problems.

What is the opinion of your friends / family / neighbours?

It is not a head-turner, but still a good family car.

Would you recommend this car and why?

 Yes, for family trips, long/ short drives, lot of boot space, ample leg room, comfortable riding and handling

What was your experience at dealership?


How is your Driving experience?

 comfortable with descent power to overtake other vehicles even in crowded roads, but this pickup is reducing year after year

Your words on fuel economy & Maintenance cost?

 economical for a family ride. Maintenance cost is a bit high at the Maruti service center, but can get cheaper service outside. Considering the age of the car, I can easily avail service outside.

Have you had any problems with the car?

 nothing noticeable

What was your experience while servicing the car?

 meets expectations

Favourite gadget, option or accessory?

 nothing fancy would go with the car

What are disadvantages?

 Nothing if you maintain it well

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