Suzuki Swift Vdi Recommended
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What is your opinion about this car?

 Nice Little car to take around, A daily commuter and got required power

What is the opinion of your friends / family / neighbours?

Style, resale value, Just above Hatchback feel.

Would you recommend this car and why?

 Yes, because it is Proven Vehicle.

What was your experience at dealership?

Not Bad

How is your Driving experience?

 Good, Nice Road grip and stable to some extend around corners.

Your words on fuel economy & Maintenance cost?

 Fuel economy is OK but need to invest money to maintain in good condition.

Have you had any problems with the car?

 SLight Issue with Clutch but was repaired by Company.

What was your experience while servicing the car?

 Bit expensive than I thought

Favourite gadget, option or accessory?

I added a Spoiler, and many type of kits available. Not many factory fit Gizmos.

What are disadvantages?

 More common Model in India now, every other Home have a swift., need something fresh now.

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