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What is your opinion about this car?

 Have been using an iGen i20 (petrol) for more than three years. Was the best premium hatchback available in India at that point in time, that was why I went for it in the first place. The good things about the car are its seats, interiors, features, ergonomics, exteriors and driving comfort. However,  Hyundai seems to have compromised on couple of basics. For eg, power is very low in second gear. As a result, drivers are forced to drive in first gear in traffic, especially if driving with two or three passengers- rsulting in poor mileage. In highways it gives an average mileage of just above 15 kmpl and in city traffic is very much in the 10 kmpl range. Company's claim was 18 kmpl in highways. Apart from this, I am fairly happy with the car. 

 What was your experience at dealership?

 No freebies were offered during purchase and no discount too. Also, the price that I paid and the break up that the dealership produced were not tallying. The reason that they gave was, they had to bribe officials in the registrar's office to deliver the vehicle on time. The delaership manager, a malayali, claimed that this additional cost is charged by all dealers- be it Maruti, VW, Nissan or Hyudai. It could be true too as nothing works without bribe here in TN. But as a customer, I felt cheated. 

How is your Driving experience?

 Fairly good driving comfort.

Your words on fuel economy & Maintenance cost?

 Already mentioned about fuel economy. Maintenance costs are defenitely much higher than Maruti. Met with an accident recently and had to replace some parts like door, fender, bumper and headlamp. Had to wait  for about a month for the spare parts to arrive. Service quality and proactiveness is generally low and I have tested the two biggest dealers in Chennai- Kun and DSC.

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